Which Toothbrush Is Best?

BACK IN THE GOOD old days before the 1930s, toothbrush bristles were made of animal hair.

We’re pretty happy to live in the era of nylon bristles, but how can we tell which toothbrush will be best for our teeth and gums? How hard should the bristles be? Are electric toothbrushes better than manual ones?

Soft Versus Hard Bristles

It’s true that hard bristles make it a little bit easier to scrub away the plaque from your teeth than soft bristles. It isn’t worth it in the end, though, because those hard bristles can also scrape away enamel and even agitate your gums to the point of putting you at greater risk for gum recession, which could be permanent.

In the case of hard bristles versus soft, the costs of hard bristles clearly outweigh the benefits, which is why dentists always give out and recommend soft-bristle brushes.

Powered Versus Manual Brushes

In the past, there wasn’t a significant difference between the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes and manual ones. However, the technology has come a long way, and modern electric toothbrushes are better at getting plaque out of hard-to-reach spots.

Electric toothbrushes reduce plaque by up to 21 percent more than manual toothbrushes and reduce the risk of gingivitis by 11 percent more. Using an electric toothbrush also makes it easier to brush for the full two minutes and less likely that you will apply too much pressure.

That still leaves a lot of different electric toothbrushes to choose from. Luckily, whether you choose an oscillating brush (spinning tops) or a sonic brush (bristles vibrate from side to side), you’ll still see better results than with a manual brush. If you aren’t sure which brush would be best for you, feel free to ask us about it at your next appointment!

Taking Care Of Your Toothbrush

Once you’ve found the ideal toothbrush, it’s important to store it properly so that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. Store it upright somewhere it can dry out, preferably as far from a toilet as possible. Finally, don’t forget to replace your toothbrush (or the head of your electric toothbrush) regularly because even the best bristles fray and lose their effectiveness over time.

Watch the video below for a few more tips about brushing your teeth!

We Look Forward To Seeing You!

Having the right toothbrush and taking proper care of it are essential to good dental health, but there’s no replacement for regular professional dental cleanings. Make sure you’re scheduling appointments twice a year! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Good habits and the right tools make all the difference for your teeth!

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Welcome, Dr. Wells!

On October 2nd, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Victoria Wells to our team! We love her and her sweet spirit, and we know that you will too. Check out her bio below to learn a little more about her and her family!

Dr. Victoria Wells is a native of Cullman, AL and has been serving her patients in the River Region since 2002.  She attended Birmingham-Southern College and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1997. She received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University Of Alabama School Of Dentistry at UAB in 2001, and completed a General Practice Residency at the University of Louisville in June 2002.  She is an active member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, Alabama Dental Association and the local Second District Dental Society.
Dr. Wells loves caring for her patients and helping them achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.  She is the wife of Jason Wells, and they have two daughters, ages 8 and 10.  Dr. Wells and her family attend Christchurch and serve in various ministries.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, cooking and sunsets at the lake.


Do you have any questions for Dr. Wells? Leave us a question on our Facebook, and we will put together a Q&A blog post to help you get to know her!
Call our office today to schedule an appointment with her!

Vacation, Baby!


IT’S SUMMER AGAIN! Whether you live near a beach, a lake, a forest, or mountains, the kids are out of school and it’s time to play! We’d like to share some of our team’s favorite ways to enjoy the summer.

Our Team’s Favorite Summer Vacation Spots

From Dr. Dillon:

“Cabo San Lucas”

From Dr. Steineker:

“Wrigley Field.”

From Cindy:

“Laguna Beach, Florida!”

From Jennifer:

“The beach!”

From Erin:

“The Lake”

From Carrie:

“For sure, Destin!”

From Sara Kathryn:

“Rosemary Beach!”

From Heather:

“Lake Martin.”

From Suzanne:

“St.Simons Island”

From Christa:


From Kallie:

“Anywhere on a boat!”

From Morgan:

“Orange Beach, AL.”

From Taylor:

“Any beach!”

From Kayla:

“The lake, preferably Martin”

From Krystal:

“Grayton Beach!”

From Kristen D.:

“Pensacola, FL”

From Kristen F.:

“Anywhere with water and sunshine!”

Need some unique vacation ideas? Check out the video below:

What Are Your Fun Summer Plans?

How about you? How do you like to enjoy your summer? Do you love camping? Tanning on the beach? Traveling to exotic places or to see family? Getting that adrenaline rush from amusement parks or skydiving? Tubing on a river or water-skiing on a lake? We’d love to hear about it! Share in the comments below or let us know on social media!

Thank you for being part of what makes summer so great!

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Lights, Camera, Action: It’s Movie Time!


THE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SEASON will soon be upon us! With so many great movies coming out this year, we decided we wanted to share some of our team’s all-time favorites!

Our Team’s Top Movie Picks!

We love movies in our practice, so we asked our team members to share what their favorite movie was and why. Here’s what they said:

Dr. Steineker

Favorite Movie: The Godfather
Why: “It is dark and complex, but also all about family!”

Dr. Dillon

Favorite Movie: The Lonesome Dove
Why: “It’s Awesome!”


Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Why: “It’s so cute, and the first movie that introduces you to Harry Potter.”


Favorite Movie: Uncle Buck
Why: “I love John Candy, he is hilarious and I never get sick of him or his movies!”


Favorite Movie: Sisters
Why: “It parallels me and my sister.”


Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz
Why: “I like the flying monkeys!” 

Sara Kathryn

Favorite Movie: Charlie Bartlett
Why: “I love indie movies, and this one is just exceptional!”


Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Why: “The love story!”


Favorite Movie: Anchorman
Why: “It makes me laugh!”


Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama
Why: “It’s a great love story.”


Favorite Movie: Grease
Why: “I watched it every day for most of my childhood!”


Favorite Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love
Why: “Because it’s a funny love story!”


Favorite Movie: Now You See Me
Why: “I love Dave Franco!”


Favorite Movie: Serendipity
Why: “It is such a precious love story!”

Kristen D.

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers
Why: “I love Will Ferrell!”

Kristen F.

Favorite Movie:Twilight
Why: “I love the love story, and I am obsessed with Robert Pattinson”

Speaking of great movies, check out the video below to see whether or not you’ve been correctly quoting these iconic films!

What’s Your Favorite Movie?

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorites, we want to hear from you too! Whether you enjoy goofy comedies, gripping suspense films, or insightful documentaries, we’d love to hear what your favorite movies are. Who knows, maybe one of them will become one of our new favorites! Leave your movie picks in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Thanks for being our star patients!

The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.

Sara Kathryn, the Cat Lady.


Hello! My name is Sara Kathryn, and I am the Director of Marketing at Steineker and Dillon. What exactly do I do? I am the face behind our social media, contests, blogs and all of the other fun and exciting things that go on in our office.

I moved to Montgomery from Las Vegas for college, and I graduated from AUM with a degree in Marketing. I have worked here for a little over two years and my favorite part of working here is by far the close relationship that all of the girls have.  We all know how to come together and work hard, but we also know how to have a ton of fun together.

I live with my boyfriend Jimmy, and our three cats Momo (16 and toothless), Jeanie (2), and Sushi (3). We love traveling, and some of our favorite places to go are Nashville, Destin, and Las Vegas! My favorite food is sushi, and I could probably eat it three times a day every day and never be tired of it. I really love yoga and aerial yoga, and I recently found a studio in Montgomery that offers both!

Over the last two years we have seen an incredible increase with our patient connectivity, meaning we are able to interact with you on a more personal level. By you reading these blogs, engaging in our posts on Facebook, or participating in our contests you have given our office new life! With all of the engagement, we are able to see what you like about the office, who you are, and we are able to keep up with you and your family more than just twice a year for your cleanings.

Finally, thank YOU for being the reason I love coming to work every day!

Reba the Redhead


Jennifer, also known around the office as Reba (for her bright red hair and love of karaoke) is one in a million. She has been a dental hygienist for 7 years, and has worked at Steineker and Dillon for almost three years. Jennifer started at our office as a hygienist and now most recently moved positions to our insurance coordinator! She has two beautiful daughters, Kaleigh (10) and Madeline (6) that love to dance and perform in recitals. Together they enjoy spending the summer by the pool with her sister and her daughter. Every Sunday afternoon, Jennifer and her neighbors have a beanbag toss tournament and Jennifer is ALWAYS known to lose! Lastly, she is a HUGE Alabama fan, and loves yelling “Roll Tide” while watching their games on TV, or going to the stadium to see them play in person. We are so thankful to have Jennifer as a part of our team and family, her personality and “fire” make our days brighter and filled with laughter. Next time you are in our office, be sure to say hello to her!

Our Kallie Girl!

Image-1 (1)

If you have had treatment with Dr. Steineker, then chances are you have seen Kallie’s bright and smiling face! Kallie is Dr. Steineker’s main assistant and has been in the dental field for five years. She has a lot of excitement in her life right now! She just had the most beautiful wedding in November, and is currently finishing up hygiene school! She has two sweet fur babies, Bella the Boxer, and Shiloh the Chihuahua! Kallie is our adventurer in the office, and her hobbies are hunting, outdoor adventures, and arrowhead hunting with her husband. Kallie’s work ethic is what makes her so special in our office! She is by far the hardest worker, and always has a smile on her face (even when she is doing 100 things at a time). We love you Kallie Girl, and are so thankful to get to work with you every day! Our office would fall apart without you!

Little Kristen, Small but Mighty!


We are back on track with our monthly employee blogs! This month’s employee feature is “Little Kristen”. Kristen has worked here for three and a half years, and started as Dr. Steineker’s assistant. During her time as an assistant she went to school to be a Hygienist, and graduated from UAB in July of 2016. Now Kristen is a full time Hygienist, and loves every second of it! She is married to her best friend, and together they have a fur child, Tucker, a chocolate lab. To add to the excitement of 2016, Kristen and Bry welcomed sweet baby Eva Adelle into our world this December! She is the most precious red headed baby girl, and Tucker is so excited to have a sister! Kristen loves spending time with her family near water, whether it be at the beach or the lake. We are so thankful to have such a hardworking, and genuinely kind person in our office, and we wouldn’t trade the world for her!

Little Kristen may be small, but oh is she mighty!

Morgan, the Life of the (office) Party!

If you have stepped foot in our office, chances are that you have seen Morgan’s bright smile! Morgan has one of the best personalities out there. You can always catch her laughing and smiling, which is a big help to our patients with fears of the Dentist. Morgan’s “bedside manner” is wonderful, and it is not surprising that all of her patients absolutely adore her!

Morgan is from Slapout, Alabama, and has been helping create smiles at Steineker & Dillon for four years! She has four sweet fur babies: Stella, a Pitbull. Isabelle, a Shorkie. Elvis, a black Cat. And Dolly, her music loving Chicken!

Morgan loves to travel, and loves taking rides in her Jeep “Jolene”. She loves visiting places like Tennessee and the beach, and is happiest with the music up and the wind in her hair! When she isn’t traveling she enjoys spending quality time with her family and boyfriend.

Every day working with Morgan is such a joy, and we are looking forward to many more years of seeing her smiling face!

We ♥ Carrie!


Carrie is our treatment coordinator, and she is one of the many reasons we are able to stay sane here at Steineker and Dillon! Carrie has worked in the dentistry field for over 13 years! She loves what she does and she hopes to continue working in the field for many years to come. A Daytona Beach native, Carrie and her husband moved to Montgomery in 2011 so her husband could take a position as an assistant baseball coach at Alabama State University. While she loves Montgomery, the beach will always be her home!

Carrie is a mother of 2…her son Jaxon (who just turned 1!) and her fur baby Cammie, a 6 year old beagle. Her family is her whole world, which is why one of her passions is leading an active and healthy lifestyle. When she’s not at work, she really loves to indulge in Mexican food (her favorite!) and travel to the beach..Fort Walton, to be specific. Her favorite tv show is New Girl and she hates mayo and mustard with a deep passion!

Carrie helps keep this office running smoothly and we love her for that! There is one specific Bible verse that helps motivate her everyday: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13