The History of Steineker and Dillon

Steineker and Dillon have quite a bit of history in the Montgomery area. Most people don’t know that Dr. Steineker has been practicing dentistry for 35 years now! In 1981, Dr. Steineker started in his first location on South Panama Street near Lee High School. Just 2 short years later, he purchased a practice located in downtown Montgomery in the Bell Building. Fast forward another 2 years, Dr. Steineker decided to build his very own building in the Mulberry Medical Plaza near Jackson Hospital. After 3 years there, he moved the practice to Carmichael Road acoss from the Cancer Center. That’s where Dr. Dillon joins the story!

That location was home for the duo for 11 years! Although they spent many hours and long days on Carmichael Road, they made the move just down the road onto Woodmere Boulevard. After 16 years at their current location, they’ve met a lot of people, seen a lot of patients, and had a ton of great staff members. Because of everything the community has done for us, we continue to give back and make a difference in our great city of Montgomery. We hope to continue to make people smile for many more years to come!