All About Dr. Dillon

Back in the 7th grade, Dr. Dillon was faced with a question that most of us face during our years in school: what do you want to be when you grow up? In the 7th grade, you started hearing more reasonable answers from kids. Doctors, lawyers, teachers are all popular answers. But how many 7th graders do you know want to be dentists? Well even way back then, Dr. D as we like to call him around the office, knew he wanted to work on teeth.

Back before he worked on people’s teeth, Dr. Dillon served as an officer in the US Army Reserve. After serving our country, Dr. Dillon decided to practice dentistry. From Louisiana to Alabama, Dr. Dillon has been a dentist for many years! Of course, he gets picked on a little in Alabama for being an LSU grad, but he definitely still knows his stuff. He and Dr. Steineker have been practicing together for over 20 years!

In his free time, Dr. Dillon loves to spend time with his children and he also loves to travel. While he’s at work, one of his favorite things about his job is building relationships with his patients. Some of the patients at Steineker & Dillon have been coming here for many years, and being able to keep in touch with these people year after year is very rewarding. Aside from building some great relationships around the community, Dr. Dillon also enjoys helping people get out of painful tooth problems and he also enjoys being able to give people a new found confidence in their smile!