The Girl Behind the Scenes

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Steineker & Dillon. Between Facebook, Twitter, the blog, and the website, social media is a time consuming task. Add in community events, volunteer events, and everything else that goes into marketing, and you’ve got quite a bit of work that needs to be done. Despite the fact that we have a fabulous full time Marketing Director, Sara Kathryn, even she needs a little extra help sometimes. That’s where I come in. I’m Jessica and I’m the Marketing Intern here at Steineker & Dillon!

In addition to assisting Sara Kathryn, I also go to school full time at Auburn University Montgomery where I am a senior majoring in marketing. I am hoping to graduate this December! I’m a Montgomery native and have lived here for most of my 22 years. I currently work at a boutique where I am helping in the marketing department there as well. My husband certainly helps me stay sane in the midst of this busy schedule, as well as my 2 sweet shelter dogs (aka my fur babies).

When I do get a little down time, I enjoy watching The Walking Dead and Supernatural, pretending that I’m an interior designer, and attempting to complete crafty projects from Pinterest. After graduating college, I would really love to move further north in the great state of Alabama and find a marketing job that allows me to have fun, be creative, and travel a little. I would also love to start a family and adopt as many sweet dogs as possible! But for now, I will continue to post blogs and manage the Facebook page here at Steineker & Dillon!