Cindy’s S&D Journey

Things get a little crazy around the office sometimes, but at least we have Cindy to keep everyone on track and to keep things running smoothly! Cindy is our office manager, and has been for 18 incredible years!

Cindy is a Montgomery native. One of her favorite friends just so happens to be her fur baby, Otis! While not snuggling and playing with Otis, she also enjoys spending time with her beautiful little granddaughter Edy and making sure she is one spoiled little girl! She also loves spending time around the water. Whether it’s the beach, lake, or river…Cindy doesn’t mind as long as she’s surrounded by water! And if her family is there, it’s even better! She loves to be surrounded by family whenever possible.

One of the many reasons Cindy loves her job and has been with Steineker & Dillon for so long is the relationships she has built with all of the patients. Over 18 years, she has been able to see patients experience many different times in their lives and she loves that! Her goal is to be able to retire and move to one of her favorite places…the beach!