Heather, Dental Extraordinaire


Our next introduction blog features one of the nicest people you will ever meet…Heather! Heather has been with the Steineker & Dillon team for 8 fun years and has loved every minute of it! Heather is a dental hygienist and loves her job!

Heather is a mother to 2 beautiful children: Jordan (12) and Jaycie (9). She loves being able to spend time with them on the weekends, and she absolutely loves watching Jaycie do gymnastics! Heather enjoys spending time with her kids enjoying the great outdoors. She is fantastic on the grill and loves to cook. Heather is also a big animal lover! Dogs, cats, snakes…it doesn’t matter to her! She actually had snakes when she was younger!

Heather has been such a huge blessing to our team and we hope to enjoy many more years of her great work and incredible spirit!


White Teeth for the Summer!

Bleach To-Go

This summer, we want our patients to look and feel their absolute best, and whitening does just that! We have 2 different forms of whitening at Steineker and Dillon: Bleach for Life and Bleach to Go.

Traditional bleach trays start with an office visit. During your visit, you will have a model taken of your mouth which we will use to form a clear plastic mold. On your return visit, you will receive the plastic mold and bleach. The best part is that if you stay current with your regular dental cleanings and examinations, you will receive a free tube of bleach at every appointment!

are a current patient, you get free bleach for life! The bleach for life program allows you to receive a free tube of bleach at your regular cleaning appointments. Within just a few uses, you will start to see a whiter smile. In just 2 weeks, your teeth will be as white as they can be!

The bleach to go is just as effective, but it’s a little quicker process! The bleach to go comes with 10 trays for both top and bottom teeth. This system does not have custom fitted molds, but the molds that come in the package will form to your teeth, so you will be able to talk like normal! Bleach to go is a great option when you need to quickly brighten your smile for an upcoming wedding or event.