All About Kristen

We have a fairly large team here at Steineker & Dillon, and each team member contributes to our ultimate goal: great teeth. Kristen is no exception! Kristen is a dental hygienist and has been working for Steineker & Dillon for 6 and a half years. Around the office, we call her “big Kristen” because we actually have 2 Kristens here!

Kristen has been married to her husband Cliff for 3 years now and they have 2 cats (Punchkin and Down) that they absolutely adore. She is originally from Georgiana, but she and her husband currently reside in Wetumpka. One of her favorite things to do (besides clean teeth!) is attend Crossfit daily. Whenever Kristen goes shopping, Crossfit gear is one of her most favorite items to shop for!

Outside of Crossfit, Kristen enjoys spending the weekends boating on the lake or going to the beach. If she’s not feeling the outdoors, she enjoys watching Game of Thrones and finding a good book to read. No matter what activities she is enjoying, you bet that she will be enjoying some tasty Mexican food!


Care Credit


Healthcare costs can be pricey sometimes, but there are ways to help manage healthcare costs and still get the necessary treatments for you! Care Credit is one way to help you maintain a beautiful smile without breaking the bank.

Care Credit is a credit card that is used specifically for a variety of healthcare costs, including dentistry! Many will use the Care Credit card when a procedure isn’t fully covered under insurance. One of the best features of the card is that they do not charge interest in the amount is paid in full within the promotional period of 12 months! With several other financing options available, Care Credit gives the cardholder flexibility when it comes to managing healthcare costs and can relieve the pressure from large upfront medical bills.

To apply, visit the Care Credit website and follow the steps! You get a credit decision immediately so you can start using your card immediately. Now is the time to get the treatment done that you’ve been putting off!