Reba the Redhead


Jennifer, also known around the office as Reba (for her bright red hair and love of karaoke) is one in a million. She has been a dental hygienist for 7 years, and has worked at Steineker and Dillon for almost three years. Jennifer started at our office as a hygienist and now most recently moved positions to our insurance coordinator! She has two beautiful daughters, Kaleigh (10) and Madeline (6) that love to dance and perform in recitals. Together they enjoy spending the summer by the pool with her sister and her daughter. Every Sunday afternoon, Jennifer and her neighbors have a beanbag toss tournament and Jennifer is ALWAYS known to lose! Lastly, she is a HUGE Alabama fan, and loves yelling “Roll Tide” while watching their games on TV, or going to the stadium to see them play in person. We are so thankful to have Jennifer as a part of our team and family, her personality and “fire” make our days brighter and filled with laughter. Next time you are in our office, be sure to say hello to her!


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