Welcome, Dr. Wells!

On October 2nd, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Victoria Wells to our team! We love her and her sweet spirit, and we know that you will too. Check out her bio below to learn a little more about her and her family!

Dr. Victoria Wells is a native of Cullman, AL and has been serving her patients in the River Region since 2002.  She attended Birmingham-Southern College and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1997. She received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University Of Alabama School Of Dentistry at UAB in 2001, and completed a General Practice Residency at the University of Louisville in June 2002.  She is an active member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, Alabama Dental Association and the local Second District Dental Society.
Dr. Wells loves caring for her patients and helping them achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.  She is the wife of Jason Wells, and they have two daughters, ages 8 and 10.  Dr. Wells and her family attend Christchurch and serve in various ministries.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, cooking and sunsets at the lake.


Do you have any questions for Dr. Wells? Leave us a question on our Facebook, and we will put together a Q&A blog post to help you get to know her!
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All About Kristen

We have a fairly large team here at Steineker & Dillon, and each team member contributes to our ultimate goal: great teeth. Kristen is no exception! Kristen is a dental hygienist and has been working for Steineker & Dillon for 6 and a half years. Around the office, we call her “big Kristen” because we actually have 2 Kristens here!

Kristen has been married to her husband Cliff for 3 years now and they have 2 cats (Punchkin and Down) that they absolutely adore. She is originally from Georgiana, but she and her husband currently reside in Wetumpka. One of her favorite things to do (besides clean teeth!) is attend Crossfit daily. Whenever Kristen goes shopping, Crossfit gear is one of her most favorite items to shop for!

Outside of Crossfit, Kristen enjoys spending the weekends boating on the lake or going to the beach. If she’s not feeling the outdoors, she enjoys watching Game of Thrones and finding a good book to read. No matter what activities she is enjoying, you bet that she will be enjoying some tasty Mexican food!

Heather, Dental Extraordinaire


Our next introduction blog features one of the nicest people you will ever meet…Heather! Heather has been with the Steineker & Dillon team for 8 fun years and has loved every minute of it! Heather is a dental hygienist and loves her job!

Heather is a mother to 2 beautiful children: Jordan (12) and Jaycie (9). She loves being able to spend time with them on the weekends, and she absolutely loves watching Jaycie do gymnastics! Heather enjoys spending time with her kids enjoying the great outdoors. She is fantastic on the grill and loves to cook. Heather is also a big animal lover! Dogs, cats, snakes…it doesn’t matter to her! She actually had snakes when she was younger!

Heather has been such a huge blessing to our team and we hope to enjoy many more years of her great work and incredible spirit!

Cindy’s S&D Journey

Things get a little crazy around the office sometimes, but at least we have Cindy to keep everyone on track and to keep things running smoothly! Cindy is our office manager, and has been for 18 incredible years!

Cindy is a Montgomery native. One of her favorite friends just so happens to be her fur baby, Otis! While not snuggling and playing with Otis, she also enjoys spending time with her beautiful little granddaughter Edy and making sure she is one spoiled little girl! She also loves spending time around the water. Whether it’s the beach, lake, or river…Cindy doesn’t mind as long as she’s surrounded by water! And if her family is there, it’s even better! She loves to be surrounded by family whenever possible.

One of the many reasons Cindy loves her job and has been with Steineker & Dillon for so long is the relationships she has built with all of the patients. Over 18 years, she has been able to see patients experience many different times in their lives and she loves that! Her goal is to be able to retire and move to one of her favorite places…the beach!

May Recap


Monday is Memorial Day, so we at Steineker & Dillon get to enjoy a long weekend and then there is only a few days of May left! Where has the time gone?! The days are getting longer and the weather is getting hotter outside (thank goodness for an air conditioned office)!

May was pretty successful around the office! First off, we hired a new insurance coordinator, Meagan! We are so happy to bring on a new member of our amazing team and look forward to the many possibilities she will bring to the table.

We have also been in the process of making blankets for the Montgomery Cancer Center that we will be delivering next month! So far, we have made several soft felt blankets (by hand!) and we cannot wait to take them to the cancer patients, along with some other special goodies. Anything we can do to make them feel a little bit more comfortable while receiving treatment, we will gladly do!

Last but not least, several of our Dental Divas had the privilege of getting to help Healthy Athletes, which is a program dedicated to helping provide medical exams for those in the Special Olympics. The Dental Divas gave many of the athletes dental exams and gave them some handy advice and how to take care of their teeth. The girls had a blast and loved seeing the beautiful smiles that radiated from these beautiful people!

Check back next month for the next monthly updated and learn about everything that happened in June in the Steineker & Dillon world!

All About Krystal

Ever wanted to know who exactly the people are that clean your teeth every 6 months? Well, here is your chance! We are blogging about one of our amazing team members every 2 weeks, and first up is Krystal! Krystal is a dental hygienist and has been for 23 years! Can you imagine?! A dental hygienist is licensed by the state and they clean teeth, examine patients for signs of oral diseases, and provide other dental preventive care. Besides cleaning people’s teeth and preventing diseases, Krystal strives to educate patients on ways to improve and maintain good oral health!

When Krystal is not working, she enjoys traveling. Two of her favorite places to go are the beach and out west to ski with her husband. Many people may not know that Krystal is also a twin sister! Along with her twin, she has two other sisters. She really learned how to speak up when she had something to say with so many girls in the house! God bless her mom!

Krystal’s favorite part about her job is being able to develop relationships with her patients. She loves getting to know her patients and to hear their beautiful stories. She is allowed a little window to peek into their world, and that is one thing Krystal will never take for granted!

The Girl Behind the Scenes

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Steineker & Dillon. Between Facebook, Twitter, the blog, and the website, social media is a time consuming task. Add in community events, volunteer events, and everything else that goes into marketing, and you’ve got quite a bit of work that needs to be done. Despite the fact that we have a fabulous full time Marketing Director, Sara Kathryn, even she needs a little extra help sometimes. That’s where I come in. I’m Jessica and I’m the Marketing Intern here at Steineker & Dillon!

In addition to assisting Sara Kathryn, I also go to school full time at Auburn University Montgomery where I am a senior majoring in marketing. I am hoping to graduate this December! I’m a Montgomery native and have lived here for most of my 22 years. I currently work at a boutique where I am helping in the marketing department there as well. My husband certainly helps me stay sane in the midst of this busy schedule, as well as my 2 sweet shelter dogs (aka my fur babies).

When I do get a little down time, I enjoy watching The Walking Dead and Supernatural, pretending that I’m an interior designer, and attempting to complete crafty projects from Pinterest. After graduating college, I would really love to move further north in the great state of Alabama and find a marketing job that allows me to have fun, be creative, and travel a little. I would also love to start a family and adopt as many sweet dogs as possible! But for now, I will continue to post blogs and manage the Facebook page here at Steineker & Dillon!

All About Dr. Dillon

Back in the 7th grade, Dr. Dillon was faced with a question that most of us face during our years in school: what do you want to be when you grow up? In the 7th grade, you started hearing more reasonable answers from kids. Doctors, lawyers, teachers are all popular answers. But how many 7th graders do you know want to be dentists? Well even way back then, Dr. D as we like to call him around the office, knew he wanted to work on teeth.

Back before he worked on people’s teeth, Dr. Dillon served as an officer in the US Army Reserve. After serving our country, Dr. Dillon decided to practice dentistry. From Louisiana to Alabama, Dr. Dillon has been a dentist for many years! Of course, he gets picked on a little in Alabama for being an LSU grad, but he definitely still knows his stuff. He and Dr. Steineker have been practicing together for over 20 years!

In his free time, Dr. Dillon loves to spend time with his children and he also loves to travel. While he’s at work, one of his favorite things about his job is building relationships with his patients. Some of the patients at Steineker & Dillon have been coming here for many years, and being able to keep in touch with these people year after year is very rewarding. Aside from building some great relationships around the community, Dr. Dillon also enjoys helping people get out of painful tooth problems and he also enjoys being able to give people a new found confidence in their smile!

The History of Steineker and Dillon

Steineker and Dillon have quite a bit of history in the Montgomery area. Most people don’t know that Dr. Steineker has been practicing dentistry for 35 years now! In 1981, Dr. Steineker started in his first location on South Panama Street near Lee High School. Just 2 short years later, he purchased a practice located in downtown Montgomery in the Bell Building. Fast forward another 2 years, Dr. Steineker decided to build his very own building in the Mulberry Medical Plaza near Jackson Hospital. After 3 years there, he moved the practice to Carmichael Road acoss from the Cancer Center. That’s where Dr. Dillon joins the story!

That location was home for the duo for 11 years! Although they spent many hours and long days on Carmichael Road, they made the move just down the road onto Woodmere Boulevard. After 16 years at their current location, they’ve met a lot of people, seen a lot of patients, and had a ton of great staff members. Because of everything the community has done for us, we continue to give back and make a difference in our great city of Montgomery. We hope to continue to make people smile for many more years to come!